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The BECTU Theatre Freelancers' Branch is for anyone who works in theatre and is paid by either fees or day rates as opposed to a salary. 

Are you in lighting, sound, video, automation, set, costume, wigs/hair/makeup, or production management? Are you a designer, artist, operator, programmer, associate, engineer, technician, supervisor, buyer or manager? Whatever you do, if you’re a freelancer, we want you!


Whether or not you’ve been able to work over the last year and half, you can’t have missed the passion amongst theatre freelancers to get together and talk about changing the way we all work. Freelancers want the same things as permanent staff – fair pay; reasonable hours; good work/life balance; respect for physical and mental health; an inclusive and sustainable employment ecosystem.


You may not have considered joining a union before, but unions are the only effective way to apply pressure to employers to get things changed. And one union is already working to improve terms and conditions for theatre freelancers, and that’s BECTU.

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